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UGC roots for special attention to teachers' education

UGC roots for special attention to teachers' education
PUNE: Chairman of University Grants Commission (UGC) Ved Prakash has appealed to the vice-chancellors of all universities to extend their personal attention to matters related to strengthening and improvement of teachers' education in the university campuses.

Aligning teachers' education courses with the regulatory provisions of the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), promoting and running integrated teacher education programmes (TEPs), creating revised modules for refresher as well as orientation training for teacher educators and encouraging and supporting specialization within the domain of teacher education are some of the steps Prakash has listed in his letter sent on June 30.

The move assumes significance in the wake of a growing concern about the quality of teaching at higher education institutions. The UGC chief's letter has been posted on the commission's website. "We are yet to formally receive the letter but we will go through the suggestions before taking a call on initiating the required steps," a senior official from the University of Pune's education and extension department told TOI on Tuesday.

The UGC chief has also called for special efforts to strengthen postgraduate programmes in the education department besides ensuring that teacher education curriculum is aligned with the National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education (NCFTE), 2009 of the NCTE.

"The UGC has been regularly taking up the matter of strengthening of existing education departments and establishment of new education departments in all universities. In fact, all the universities which are receiving grants from the UGC were requested to include the proposal for establishment of education departments in their XII Five Year Plan proposals," Prakash stated.

"In this context, I request for your personal attention in ensuring the suggested steps to promote teacher education," the UGC chief appealed to the VCs. He has also called for a feedback from the universities on the suggested measures.

In a separate letter to the directors of the academic staff colleges (ASCs), who are responsible for teacher education in the university system, Prakash has sought steps to include teacher education related activities in the ASC calendar and significant slots for refresher and orientation programmes for teacher education. This also includes modules for training teacher educators with the involvement of senior teacher educators.

Towards Strengthening Teacher Education

Align existing curriculum with national curriculum framework for teacher education

Teacher education courses should be in line with regulatory provisions of NCTE

Promote and support specialization in teacher education

Strengthen postgraduate courses in education departments

Devise ways and means for running integrated courses in teacher education

Revised modules for refresher and orientation training for teacher educators

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