Thursday, 5 June 2014


This is the age for change. The students of today, even before entering the Preschool are tech-savvy and relate to the changing environment in their own cognitive way. We as adults, are unable to accept the generation gap stating, "we were not like this!" It's time to hear the wake-up call and adopt new strategies in making learning fun and unforgettably satisfying experience. For that, as a teacher, we need to plan ahead and 'let - go' our preconceived notions. Remember, it's never "My way or the Highway!" mantra in the field of education. We don't own the copyright of young minds and their responsive behaviours. Never must a challenge be seen from 'the child is not doing properly' viewpoint. Instead, we could widen our foresight to 'What can an educative society do' in order to balance the child's healthy mental and physical development. What do you as a teacher think? Food for thought. Let's go figure. 

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