Monday, 6 January 2014


Handling Hyperactivity in Kids with ADHD

SYMPTOM- Anxiety, Learning disabilities,Speech or hearing problems,Obsessive-compulsive disorder,  Tics,Behavioral problems-ODD (oppositional defiant disorder)OR C D (conduct disorder).
Parenting a child who’s hyperactive is no doubt exhausting. Tuckman and Olivardia shared these suggestions on how to handle hyperactivity.
Have a clear understanding of hyperactivity.
Being hyperactive is not the same as misbehaving, Olivardia said. Hyperactivity in ADHD is hardwired, he said. “It is analogous to feeling an intense itch and not scratching it. Even if you don’t scratch it, you’ll be so distracted by wanting to.” In addition to educating yourself, educate your child as well about why they’re hyperactive, he added.
Find other “fidgets.”
Fidgeting actually helps kids focus and reduce hyperactivity. Olivardia referred to a book called Fidget to Focus, which describes the science of fidgeting and its ability to sharpen attention. He also suggested finding other ways to fidget, such as chewing gum or having an object to manipulate.
Create more engagement.
For instance, teachers can set up desks in a circle or have “stand-up desks,” Olivardia said. Kids with ADHD are usually more engaged when they’re moving around a bit than sitting still. Get creative, experiment and go with what works, he said.
Ignore the hyperactivity.
“Sometimes the best solution is just to ignore it,” Tuckman said. For instance, when your child is having dinner at home, if they’re eating their food and not misbehaving, let them stand or walk around the table, he said.
Get rid of excess energy.
“You can burn off some of that hyperactivity by allowing the child to be more active before they need to sit still,” Tuckman said.

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